Switching to Pelican and Auto-build / deploy

Well, after thinking about it I have switched from hand-maintained files abusing server side includes to using Pelican again. Actually I'm not sure if I used Pelican last time. May have used Hyde or Jekyll or something else.

Last time I used on-commit hooks in Perforce to fire off a build/deply. Now that I use git through Bitbucket I have to do things a bit differently. I have a webhook on the repo set to go to Some Particular Thing which does a bit of validation on that and then submits it as a message to my ActiveMQ server. The build/deploy daemon picks this up, makes sure we aren't within the cooldown period of a job for this site, and then fires off the build by submitting a job to SLURM which does the actual work of pulling from git and then running pelican to do the fun.

And yes... I did build this from the job...